Campaigns Vietnam: The Experience

ArmA 3 Vietnam War MOD Campaigns

Australians in Vietnam

Campaign by Banana, VTE. Play as Australians.

Death From Above

Campaign by Snake Man, PMC. Aircraft campaign, F4E Phantom fighter bomber.


Campaign by Snake Man, PMC. Originally created in ... hmm very late Operation Flashpoint era, then ported to arma1/2 and now to arma3. Uses 7 mission ending options to choose next mission, this will be upgraded to literally unlimited next mission choosing option with arma3 description.ext features.

SOG Real War

Campaign by Snake Man, PMC. More details VTE SOG Real War Campaign page.

Terrain Debug

As the name says a debugging campaign, not a playable one. Loads all VTE terrains and has camera cutscene flying across the terrain diagonally. This is nice debug campaign to see if any errors come up with terrains or objects and most importantly if there are any visually wrong. Often times terrain can be error free but its still "wrong" in-game when you play on it.