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Welcome to Vietnam: The Experience (VTE) OFP mod page. In here you can find the leading, most detailed and comprehensive modification made for the Vietnam War. These pages are not fancy, we do not waste time making web pages and shitty banners, we edit and play some nasty NAM shieet instead. We are dedicated to bring OFP the best NAM feeling to this date.

All the screenshots of VTE can be found in the dedicated PMC VTE OFP Screenshots page.

Latest version of VTE is 0.4 released at June 25th, 2007. Check VTE OFP Install Help page for install instructions.

Read the VTE OFP Online Manual for details.

OFP Downloads:
x_vte_v0.4.rar.torrent and Magnet URI.
Download size is 428mb.

Maksim MG, Browning Hi-Power 9mm, Bar, Mas36, Mas38, Chautelleret, Grease Gun, MP40, Thompson, Kar, M1 Car, M1 Garand, M1919A4, DP27, PPD-40, FAL, L1A1, Nagant, PPS-43, PPSH-41, M60 Shorty, M63A Stoner, Chicom Type 56, RPG-2, 90mm Recoiless MAW, M45 9mm SMG, M39 Hush Puppy, Ithaca 37, Typ 68, MAT 49, K-50M, Sten Gun MkII, Bren Gun MkII, Lee Enfield N4. We also use full suite of historical weapons from JAM 3.

Vehicle Weapons
MK-77 Napalm, UV-16-57 Rockets, HVAR Rockets, MK-82R, AIM-9 Sidewinder, AIM-7 Sparrow, AGM-45 Shrike, AA-2 Atoll, FAB-250, Standard ARM, MK-81, MK-83, MK-84, M-117, M-118, BLU-82 Daisy Cutter, LAU-10 Rockets, 20mm Cannon, VYa Cannons, 6x50cal M2, SUU-30 Pod, M61 Vulcan, 4x20mm Cannons, GSh-23 Cannon, 7.62x51 doorgun.

Units include various from these categories: AirCav, Marine Force Recon, Marine, SEAL, Army, SF, LRRP, CIDG, MIKE, ARVN, Civilian villager, VC villager, Cambodian Mercenary, Hoi Chan, Bushman, Village Rebel, VC, Viet Minh, NVA, SOG, SOG Recon, Australia SAS, LRRP (ERDL / tiger). The units are brand new high quality, created from scratch with Llaumas heads.

Vehicles Land
M24 Chaffee, M41 Walker, M2 Army, M2 USMC, M2 AirCav, Centurion, GMC CCKW, Willys MB, M3 Halftrack, CSR 105mm, BTR-50, BTR-60, BTR-152, T-55, T-34/85, 60mm Mortar, DShK Heavy MG, M19 Mortar, ZSU-57, T-54, PT-76, SU-76 SP Gun, Type 63 AA, K-63, M113A1, LVTP-5, M48A3 Patton, M60A1 Patton, M551 Sheridan, M163A1 Vulcan, ZPU4 AA, ZU-23-2, M1919A4 tripod, Bike, Motorbike, Scooter, Gaz69, V150 Commando.

Vehicles Air
CH-34, Mi-8, C-130 Hercules, MC-130E Combat Talon I, Crashed Huey, DHC-4 Caribou, OV-10 Bronco, MiG-21, IL-28 Beagle, B-52 Stratofortress, B-57 Canberra, F-4 Phantom, F-5A, F-100 Super Sabre, MiG-17, MiG-19, A-1J Skyraider, F-105 Thunderchief, A-6 Intruder, O-1 Bird Dog, F-86A Sabre, Sikorsky S-56, CH-53E Superstallion, UH-1D Slick, UH-1H Slick, UH-1H Dustoff, UH-1C ARA, UH-1C Gunship, OH-6A, AH-1G, CH47C.

Boats / Ships
LSSC, Sampan, Sampan big.

Islands / Terrains
Intro, Vietnam 12km, Vietnam 25km, SEB Ia Drang, 7 Mountains, A Shau Valley, Australian AO (25km), VTE Ia Drang, Parrots Beak, Ilo Ilo, Rumble In The Jungle, RSSZ, Long Son, MDSZ, Meekong, Iron Triangle, Polei Kleng, Quan Binh Son, Vinh Thanh, Khe Sanh, The Bra, Dak Seang, FSB Gloria and Tet68. We have tons of brand new objects including vegetation and buildings objects. Various new ground textures are also included. The objects have been streamlined and optimized since v0.2 release.

For more information read our VTE OFP forums.